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Le nouveau programme MultiRebate du broker LiteForex.


Unique rebates size: Totally biggest payouts – 1.5 pips for each trade

What is rebate: opportunity to get paid for each trade. You will be granted for each round turn.

What are 1.5 pips:
simply up to $15 that you will get instantly after closing trading position.

What you need to participate: Register in MultiRebate system.

MULTIREBATE for Partners

Why it’s interesting: Partner can have his own rebate business offering unbeatable rebates

- Every transaction will be processed instantly by MultiRebate team
- Totally automatic process will fund Partner’s and Referral’s accounts simultaneously
- Partner can focus on advertisement instead of pay-out calculations

How to establish your business: Register as a Partner in MultiRebate system and begin promotion that you will pay Ultimate 1.5 pips rebates to your referrals.

You have probably heard a popular expression of successful traders:”Saved pip - gained pip”, haven’t you? You’ll understand that it’s really so as soon as you start making transactions through MultiRebate professional rebate system.

LiteForex group of companies, a well-known leader of advanced technologies in the sphere of online trading, presents the MultiRebate system whose main particular feature is the increased rebate amount: 1,5 pips back from each trade.

For the first time at Forex maximal amount of the part of spread has been reimbursed!

We reduce your spread costs and open new opportunities to save and earn. The total amount of funds rebated through the MultiRebate system is directly proportional to the volume of transactions and depends only on your personal activity on the market.

MultiRebate’s main advantage is the provided opportunity for both clients and partners to take part in the rebate program, whereas partners work under fundamentally new conditions for cooperation.

Now each partner can have his own rebate-service, making the task of attracting customers easier than ever. After a referral signs up for MultiRebate, 0.4 pips will be instantly deposited in your account for each closed transaction.

Avail yourself of LiteForex’s unique offer and register in the MultiRebate system.

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